No one knows CHP cogeneration better than 2G®. Since many years we have an impressive record of manufacturing and installing advanced energy conversion systems. 2G® makes a wide range in various sizes of highly efficient and low emission CHP systems for a variety of gaseous fuels.

The need to reduce energy costs, stricter emissions regulations, fiercer competition and the need for greater efficiency are driving power consumers to rethink their energy strategies. Presented with these challenges, our customers need to maximize efficiency, cut energy consumption and generate electricity and heat at lower costs while contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

In their quest for more sustainable, productive energy solutions, energy consumers from all industries are turning to cogeneration - also called combined heat and power (CHP) systems – which simultaneously produce electrical and thermal energy from a single fuel source. Cogeneration not only drives efficiency and cuts costs, but helps operators to comply with emissions standards and to earn green credits, that can be used to offset emissions.

2G®'s gas fueled energy conversion systems operate reliably in a wide variety of industrial environments and facility infrastructures. Our robust CHP cogeneration modules and power generation solutions are available for many applications.

2G CENERGY® Products
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More About Our Products

Biogas CHP

Specialty Gaseous Fuel (a variety of Biogases, LFG, WWTP Sewage Gas, Low BTU Gas Compounds, and Hydrogen). We are offering these highly specialized technologies under the product section:


Natural Gas CHP

For all Standard Gaseous Fuels (e.g. Natural Gas, Re-Gasified LNG, and all High BTU Gas Compounds) we are offering these technologies with superb fuel efficiency and low emissions under the product section Natural Gas:


Containerized Solutions

Our advanced 2G® Enclosures and Container Modules are designed for easy operation, to minimize floor space, containing the entire CHP cogeneration plant in one unit. Due to a compact layout with integrated control-and switchgear technology, as well as electrically ventilated noise protection enclosure, these modules can be placed anywhere, even in residential areas. A smart and economical alternative to traditional inside installations, highly efficient and much more cost-effective.


CHP Controls & Switchgears

Innovative Control Technologies are fully integrated. The reliable Digital 2G® GEM General Electronic Management and Switchgear system is an integral part of all 2G® CHP energy conversion modules. The General Electronic Management (GEM) system combines the control and monitoring of all gas engine functions, the generator, the CHP heat extraction technology, gas treatment & processing, as well as of the auxiliary drives in one unit. Its monitoring functions protect the engine and CHP components against impermissible limiting states, guaranteeing high runtimes. 2G® GEM controls are designed for all system regulation functions including a modem interface technology package, and grid paralleling capability.


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