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2G® Energy Generation Technology
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Our advanced 2G® Natural Gas energy generation technology "combined heat and power" (CHP), also known as co-and tri-generation solution, is an efficient, clean, and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. By installing a CHP system designed to meet the thermal and electrical base-loads of a facility, cogeneration can greatly increase the overall operational efficiency while decreasing energy costs. At the same time, CHP reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Our cogeneration CHP technology is a seamless system integration for a variety of applications easily to be connected to existing building infrastructures. Natural gas has one of the lowest CO2 emission values of fossil fuels. With its well-developed supply system (network grid), this natural resource has enormous potential to increase efficiency in the energy sector. Highly profitable energy generation modules from 2G® provide customers independence and significant savings.

2G® Natural Gas CHP systems are composed of advanced and optimized natural gas engines, components, and materials skillfully incorporated into one connection-ready cogeneration module to be more efficient, stronger and longer-lasting than ordinary and conventional CHP designs. Our systems are designed for unsurpassed operation economy. We created the next generation of energy efficient natural gas CHP modules

2G CHP technology is an integrated energy system that can be modified depending upon the needs of the energy end user. Onsite electrical power generation provides many advantages, combined with waste-heat recovery for heating, cooling, steam, dehumidification, or other process applications. A compact CHP design with integrated control-and switchgear, thermal energy distribution system and advanced enclosure options.

Thermodynamically optimized engines with 2G-Drive® technology are ideal for natural gas CHP installations. The technology behind 2G® energy conversion systems and their controls makes them highly reliable, offering superior efficiency combined with a wide variety of unmatched advantages. The added benefits of 2G® CHP modules over conventional products, or any other competitor offering a similar size range, include a much higher level of quality, durability, practicability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and lower maintenance cost, especially compared to ultra low efficient microturbines.

To achieve the industry's most efficient BTU-to-kW ratios in its segment - and satisfy some of the world's most demanding CHP owners and operators - 2G® engineers and research & development scientists work closely with core engine manufacturers and the 2G-Drive® engine manufacturing division to optimize maximum output and durability. This includes minimizing wear & tear - while maintaining our reputation for "the most efficient and durable CHP cogeneration system in its class".

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