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Biogas, Natural Gas and
Specialty Gaseous Fuel CHP Cogeneration

2G CENERGY® is a manufacturer dedicated to the production of decentralized power generation systems, providing customers with advanced CHP (combined heat & power) cogeneration technologies. The company maintains a "Best-In-Class" product portfolio. 2G®'s co-generation power plants guarantee extreme high energy efficiency. Advanced technology makes them highly reliable, providing superior performance with low maintenance cost. 2G CENERGY® offers integrated and commercially attractive solutions, highly efficient distributed energy technologies, and advanced clean low-emission systems to generate electricity and heat, while reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Unlike other suppliers that offer standard gas generator sets, or ultra-low-efficient micro turbines, often mistakenly construed as biogas, or natural gas CHP systems, 2G® provides unparalleled and genuine CHP systems that are especially designed and manufactured for a wide variety of gaseous fuels, delivering maximum value and functionality.

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Fri. March 28, 2014

2G CENERGY® received Multimillion Dollar Order for 9.4 MW Biogas CHP Energy Conversion System to be installed in Columbus Ohio.

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Tue. Sept 16, 2014

Oldest Brewery in the US to benefit from Cogeneration Technology supplied by 2G CENERGY®.

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  • biogas-reference

    Biogas Cogeneration Power Plant

    University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

    Annual Electrical Capacity: 3,100 MW/h

    Annual Thermal Capacity: 4,183 MW

    Fuel Source: Biogas

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  • biogas-reference

    Natural Gas Cogeneration Power Plant

    SIMONDS, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

    Annual Electrical Capacity: 15,000 MW/h

    Annual Thermal Capacity: 18,326 MW

    Fuel Source: Natural Gas

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  • biogas-reference

    Cogeneration Power Plant

    MAGNA Formet Ind., Ontario, Canada

    Annual Electrical Capacity: 6,640 MW/h

    Annual Thermal Capacity: 7,885 MW

    Fuel Source: Natural Gas

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